Friday, November 26, 2010

Bandai Model Kit World Cup and F144 Contest Updates.

Yeah, I've not blogged in a while since Sky Friggin Broadband went down for about a month. And since it's Thanksgiving in the US, we're just enjoying air conditioning and high-speed internet in the office right now. Might as well blog.


-Bandai Model Kit World Cup was concluded and it was a blast. I took home two SD Astray Red Frames. Hehehe. This year's champion was Eric Capucion, also known as Ecapz of MechaPinoy. Although undoubtedly an awesome build, none of us expected it would be him. It was the uniqueness of the concept and the proper execution that pushed his build through. An MG Ball. Imagine that!
Ecapz' MG Bum-Ball-Bee

Just before the announcement of winners that one fateful Sunday, me and Eric were sitting together while building the SD Red Frame in the detailing contest. We both didn't take it seriously as we just wanted to get the kit. Halfway through, he said "Kunwari sasali talaga. Iuwi ko lang tong kit na 'to panalo na ko!" then laughed. That translates in English as "Pretending to take it seriously. I'm already a winner as long as I take this kit home!". Two hours later, he took home more than just an SD kit. More images in his blog.

-A week after the World Cup was the IPMS Bert Anido Nationals and MechaPinoy's Formula 144. Since I promised myself last year that I'd join F144 this year, I did despite all the mishaps. The Avalanche Dynames would take too long and the Hazel Sniper came in short-handed. Read as: missing limbs. Yeah. So I resorted to a half-assed, less-than-a-week build with a very visible seam line on the right arm.

I built the Freedom Striker. I'll post pics as soon as I get the kit back. So I rushed a build just to be able to submit an entry, and arrived at the venue only to find out I left its weapon at home. Yeah, sucks. Anyway, I haven't gotten the chance to do a photo shoot, but here are some from the event by Gelo and g3seven, respectively.

He's supposed to have Exia's GN sword too, but I apparently forgot to put in in the box when I packed him.


-Up next, MechaPinoy's SD Con.

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