Friday, August 18, 2006


Third post today(I'm not even sure if that's correct blogger behavior. Yes, i am a noob here.[note:sarcasm]).

Anyway, I went to UP today to attend my big sister's event thingy from her HRM club. MY GOD, was the food great. Cheesy names though. Things like "bawk-bawk-bawk-cue", "Avocango Salad" and "Think Fink". DONT LET NAMES FOOL YOU. They can cook. I wish I was that good. I mean, I cook, but I'm no head chef.

Cooking makes me feel at home with myself. And eating something I cooked makes me feel content. But what's really heartwarming is getting to cook for someone and see them enjoy your dish. Some say cooking for a special person is romantic. Romantic or not, I'd do it anyway.

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