Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seven Sword, Finally.

Finally, Bandai decided to really make a Seven Sword unit. The HG-00 kit will come out early this year and is already available for pre-order in sites like Definitely one of the kits to look out for this season.

Finally a kit deserving of the XN Raiser that came with HobbyJapan Oct '09 issue. Doesn't come with a GN Sword-III though. It remains exclusive to the 00-Raiser kits.

The Seven Sword unit: GN Buster Sword, GN Sword-II long and short, GN Beam Katars and the usual GN Beam Sabers. But what's that other one?

A fourth type of GN Sword-II, perhaps?

In other news, a MechaPinoy class picture from the MP Christmas party last December.


Anonymous said...

so, you favor this 00\7s too :D
A good kit, I want to preorder this too, but will be delivered as fast as end of March in my country >_<

ArckhaM said...

Yup. Another sweet piece of work from Bandai. I see you blogged about this item too. Hehe. hope to see you around more :D

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