Sunday, January 03, 2010

Zakuhin Mo Mukha Mo!

MechaPinoy is kicking off 2010 with its 1st in-house contest for this year: Zakuhin Mo Mukha Mo!!! An all out Zaku model kit contest. GO WILD. Any mods, add-ons and paint jobs are allowed. The ultimate in individual expression of a Zaku.

That's right, people. MechaPinoy's first in-house contest of the year. And all-out war in celebration of the granddaddy of all grunt units, the Zaku. It's simple. It's a build-off using any Zaku of your choice as your base kit. All Zakus from UC to CE in all scales and grades.

Hi-Zack? Geloog? Gouf? "IT'S NOT A ZAKU, BOY! NOT A ZAKU!" -Ramba Ral

Read the rules and guidelines on MechaPinoy.
Or join the discussions in the Forums

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