Monday, December 28, 2009

WIP: 1/144 HG Virtue Gundam Part 5

-Cemented and sanded parts that can be sealed before painting.
-Removed the armor seams on the second pair of arms (since, technically speaking, there are no Nadleeh arms within them, so those don't need to break open.)
-Tightening joints and polycaps with Bosny flat clear.
-Cemented and puttied the shoulder mods where the second pair of cannon cases mount to.
Since I wasn't too busy today, I took pics as I went on to continue sanding down the plastic and cement.

Flat black base coat for the gunmetal. No seams here.

Quick experiment. This is what gunmetal looks like on a pink surface if you didn't base coat or prime. Good thing I didn't learn that the hard way.

About 15% of surfaces painted and 40% sanded. 40% of visible seam lines removed and all polycaps tightened.


For the final paint job.
War Machine in The Invincible Iron Man Number 19 - Machinery of War Part 2. Art by Sean Chen.

*Posted December 27, 2009 on MechaPinoy.

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