Monday, December 28, 2009

WIP: 1/144 HG Virtue Gundam Part 4


Can't seem to find a Virtue anywhere so I got a Trans Am one. I'll paint it anyway.

Not very menacing in a calm pose.

Then, try this.

This too. Yes, he'll definitely need a display base.

He'll have four sabers, eight cannons, two bazookas, six GN field generators, eleven GN condensers.
I decided not to go for the knee hands like the Seravee's. I'll keep those mods for later.


As both logic and physics would have their way, this guy is very backheavy. Took about an entire minute to get him to pose like this. No problems though when he holds both bazookas.

Cannon backpack rests directly on top of the arms backpack. It fit so perfectly, I didn't need to modify it. I just sanded lightly to reduce surface gloss and cemented and it's all cool.

I snipped at the bottom of the handles so I could cement the hand bits together. One of the biggest problems of this kit is that the [white] back part of the hand always falls off of the palm+fingers part.

Size comparison. (tinamad na magpose ng maayos kaya may paintbrush sa puwit.)

I'll be busy with Christmas preparation this week I couldn't wait for someone to reply to my LF, so I went ahead for a new one. Also why I got the TA version in Megamall when I could go some other day to Manila or Makati to get a white one.

Easy part's over.
Next: Seams, sand, prime, and paint.

*Posted December 22, 2009 on MechaPinoy.

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