Monday, December 14, 2009

Gundam To-Do List

Haven't posted anything in a while, yeah. Busy busy. For now. I'll list down my Gundam "to-do" list so I don't get mixed up with three unfinished works on my table XD

Finish Universal Century -In Progress
-Only finished Crossbone and Stardust. Now watching 0079.

Buy -Done!
-Xacto knife, sandpaper, putty, primer, polyurethane reducer (good substitute for Tamiya cement) and paints.

Finish Virtue -In Progress
-Custom stuff. I stripped the old paint and adding plates.

Finish Over Flag.
-Same as Virtue. Repaint and I'm gonna add a GN Drive.

Finish Astraea.
-Just minor paint job tweaks. Otherwise OOB.

Finish Wing Ver Ka
-I'm planning dark paints on this. Also do mods on the wings and add the samurai mod if I get to plan it right.

1 comment:

Xylith said...

Hope to see the final out puts :D

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