Thursday, December 24, 2009

MG Wing Gundam Ver Ka Wing Mod

Greetings! This is the wing mod for the MG Wing Gundam Ver Ka. It'll allow the wings to pop open to six different wing pieces instead of the initial two big wings.

Xy got me early Christmas presents which included the knife I used.

Materials needed:
-Hobby knife
-Varying grit of sandpaper
-Plastic cement
-Wing Ka (kahit pakpak lang XD)

1.1. Cut the pink lines with your knife.
-The white and red parts to separate.
-The blue part near the backpack joint and the large yellow part to allow room for movement.

1.2. The pink circle represents a male-female peg on the blue piece. Trim that off.

1.3. The red circle and red line represent points of contact for the would-be moving parts. Cut carefully and make sure they allow for movement.

1.4. The green line is optional. I cut mine off.

2. Cutting's the easy part.

3. Cement and putty.

4. Let dry, let cure, cut out the excess putty and sand.

And there you go.

Here are some more pics of the wings after I finished sanding. Enjoy!

I hope this helps the next guy that builds this kit!
Comments and criticisms welcome.

Larger pics in my FACEBOOK.

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