Monday, December 28, 2009

WIP: 1/144 HG Virtue Gundam Part 3


Initially, I wanted to put hip/waist mounted weapons on this. Say, like those from freedom but mainly, blast impulse. But I couldn't find a 1/144 FG Blast Impulse in Megamall today so I went home empty handed. But when I got home, I realized now what I really want to do with this kit. Bash it with another Virtue.

It'll sport four arms, two bazookas, and four pairs (eight barrels) of GN cannons.

Seen here is burst mode. On a regular Virtue, the chest opens and reveals a GN condenser to be able to feed power to burst mode. I got that taken care of because I'll be putting GN condensers on both shoulders on the first pair of arms. Two arms on either side will hold a bazooka to each front shoulder.

With only four arms, he'll lose to Seravee in a sword fight. But who cares, he has more guns XD

I'll be mounting another backpack behind the first one. The first backpack will hold the second pair of arms and the second backpack will house GN cannons as usual. There's a rectangular pit on the sides of the shoulder pads which I could cut out and easily insert a polycap. To that, about 1cm length of sanded down sprue to connect that polycap to the one on the bottom of the GN cannon. I'll do that on the second pair of arms.

Here's a quick (and not to mention unattractive) Photoshopped image of the end-product. It'll look better than this, I promise.

*Posted December 20, 2009 on MechaPinoy.

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