Thursday, March 25, 2010

WIP: HG 1/144 Arios Blue Lantern

WIP time again! As of now, this kit is almost finished. Just decals, panel lines and topcoat to do.
I did this in 16 hours straight. 11am to 3am. Imagine how bored I was XD

HG Arios

Sealing some cracks.

Inner frame? XD

Silver for joints.

Getting some sanding done.

Lots of runner marks.

Here's a first for me. Spraying clear parts.
First I spray it with Bosny metallic blue from the back, still in the runner.

Looks like this froim the front.

Then I sprated it really thick Bosny Silver on the back, on top of the metallic blue.

Now it looks like this. OSM.

Some masking for GN condensers.

Some assembly.

Prepaint mod. Face removal.

This is called "washing".

I should say, I've graduated from nail polish for clear parts. Hahaha.

Some priming done.

At this point, photo quality starts to suck because the sun is going down.

When the sun went up, I took more pics for much awesome.

This is the shot that sells it.

And this is a one-shot WIP. Next post about this model, it'll be complete already.
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