Friday, March 19, 2010

WIP: HG Zaku Phantom Spawn Custom FINAL

Getting there. I realized I havent been updating my blog much. So many photos have gone by.

Backpack overview.

Marks and topcoat. Bosny Flat Clear.

Chain chuvaness. Wrists, left knee and right waist.

Thruster bells to give it a Char-three-times-faster-than-a-normal-zaku feel.

Mods on the shoulders.

Noob weathering.

So, Choliks gave me a bazooka (thanks, man!) to add so did that and I got rid of the teeny weeny Zaku machine gun. Also, I bought Simon's Zapper Zaku (thanks, man!) to get his gatling gun this last Mechameet. Zaku + gatling gun = WIN.

So I scrapped the left shield, and put the right shield on the left.

Zipper thing for the gatling's belt clip. Superglued the tips before cutting just to make sure it doesn't split down the middle.

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