Tuesday, April 05, 2011

WIF: Works In the Future

Here's a list of WIPs I've put together but will not be able to work on any time soon. These kits WILL come to completion. That's a promise :)

Seravee GNHW/B3G
This is one of the Gundams I've always wanted to build. As of the start of 2011, I have all the kits necessary: Seravee, Seravee GNHW/B, and Seraphims.

Musha Astraea
I've conceptualized a Musha Exia before, but I used the Exia for a contest. Also, the squared-off shoulders and skirts make the mods fit better.

I don't have a name for it yet. As some of you know, I nearly built a Virtue with four arms before, but I had to sell the trans am kit (along with a 00, an O Raiser, 2 XN Raisers and an MG Unicorn) sometime last year when I really needed cash. Anyway, I was supposed to make a GN-005P Virtue Physical, but I got carried away putting weapons on it. Oh well XD

SD Astray 0 Custom
The Astray was free from last year's World Cup. I took home three and gave away the other two. Afterward, I bought a build Strike Rouge IWSP specifically to kitbash this. heavy arms double gatling cannons and two FG/NG Strike shields.

Optimus Prime Heavy Arms
Okay, no promises on this one. Although I've had this for some time, I never took the Lego wheels off since I blu-tac-ed it over a year ago. That probably means I'll build it one day. My bro's actually looking forward to this build. The chest panels will house the Matrix of Leadership.

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