Monday, November 23, 2009

00 Gundam Custom

Okay, I've been meaning to post about this since I got the kit, and now I've finished it and it's time to review.

Contents of the kit.


The good.
-This kit has great posability, despite not being a Master Grade. A wide range of motion on the Twin drives, feet, legs and the arms.

-All weapons can be stored on its body (blades, sabers and swords), which is a big plus for me 'coz I hate it when they have more weapons than they can carry. Why? 'Coz that means you can't display it with all its weapons at once. But that's just me.

-Weight distribution is great. It never tips over unless you made it to. The feet moves in all directions with swiveling horizontal and vertical joints, plus the typical ball joint where the entire foot assembly attaches to the leg.
All weapons on, no tipping over.

-Inner frame. Pseudo-MG inner frame on the legs and lower torso. The legs bend all the way backward on two joints and swivels left and right near the hips.

-GN Drive LED's. Well, that's something you don't normally see on non-Master Grades. Runs on watch batteries. I've yet to get some.

The bad.
-Everyone who bought this kit has the same complaint. The waist. This guy has no waist articulation. The abdomen and the pelvis area is all one piece. Turning him around is only possible with the chest->abdomen joint.
All one piece.

-Hips. The way the legs mount on the pelvis is with ball joints. They stepped a bit backward on the advances with the Exia and Astrea's hips.
Good knees, bad hips.

-The neck tends to fall off the shoulders sometimes. I'm not sure if that's the same with everyone, but that's how it is on mine. So, there. Glue fixed it good.


I initially wanted to get a flat cobalt blue color on this. But either way, I tried just spraying it with Bosny flat clear and I got a nice flat finish on it. It looked good just like that, so I went with it.

Noticing that the legs are too white and the upper body concentrates all the blue, I thought of spraying the knees the same cobalt blue I wanted for the chest. But since I settled for the flat clear, I went for something I already had. Gray. It didn't stand out as much as it would have if it were blue, but that subtlety worked great. And having taken out the gray can, I also sprayed all the red parts, minus the trademark chin thing and masked and sprayed the shoulders.

Random WIP photo.

Trying out different weapons.

Astrea's GN Shield mounted on Avalanche Exia's GN Sword.

Avalanche Exia's GN Blades on the O-Raiser slot.

Astrea's Proto GN Sword

Green beam saber just quickly cut out of Wing Ka's saber sprues.


More photos: [LINK] [LINK]
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