Monday, November 02, 2009


Someone get me all of these and I swear I'll be your bet friend forever. Anyway, I'm heading to Baguio in six hours and I'm killing time now so I can sleep in the bus. So I decided to list down the Gunpla I want to do in the not-so-far future.

What: ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam (1/100 MG)
Why: Because I always liked the Justice. But that like never turned into really like because, well, it's pink. It outperforms everything else in melee combat. Ground, sky, space, high speed. Decent long range capabilities and holds itself well enough against multiple enemies. But it's so friggin pink! I'm gonna do this kit in ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom's colors. THEN, it'll get the non-pink respect it deserves.

What: GN-008HW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B (1/144 HG)
Why: I always thought the Seravee was cool, but didn't look cool. The Virtue looked cool. Now the Seravee looks like the Virtue. Thus, coolness. Only in 1/144 HG, but I don't mind. It looks better with a backpack than a separate Seraphim.

What: O Raiser 1/100
Why: For starters, Because I have a 00 without a Raiser. I was really hoping this kit came with a GN Sword III though.

What: GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam (1/100 MG)
Why: No particular reason. It's Just cool.

What: RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 (HGUC 1/144)
Why: Because I just recently watched Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, and have been really getting to appreciate more classic, pre-Wing Gundams. And the GP01 tops my list of them.

What: ZGMF-1000 Zaku Warrior Blaze/Gunner (1/100)
Why: What kind of self-respecting gunpla addict wouldn't want a battle damage Zaku? Not me. Why this Zaku particularly, is because it's the most badass of all the Zakus. And it comes with both Blaze Zaku and Gunner Zaku attachments. More weapons for kit bashing. I'll do this in a dark, olive green and black out some parts and nice battle damage and weathering effects.

What: XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Ver.Ka (1/100 MG)
Why: Because it's the best version of one of the most awesome Gundams of all time. And its got a tiny Heero. I'll follow the color scheme religiously and candy finish shiny clear coat.


Arein said...

If you think Stardust Memories was good then that's just the tip of it..

It's good because it's part of the Universal Century timeline and that timeline is what Gundam is all 'bout.

I could tell you more about the said timeline if you want ;3

ArckhaM said...

Yup. Just the tip of it. Well, for starters, Stardust is easy to digest. Imma watch Mobile Suit Gundam next and move forward from there. And yeah, discussion on that would be great.

Arein said...

I think you pretty much got it handled.. :3

It's always nice to see someone digging back and watching some UC stuff.

ArckhaM said...

That sounded nice so I guess that's a compliment XD

There's a reason they call it "Universal". Yeah!

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