Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 successful attempt

Updates, updates, updates. So what's happened since 2006? Let's see..

On the internet.
November 2006. I was a sophomore and was madly addicted to RF online. RF continued til early this year with many other games in between. Grand Chase, Rohan, Ragnarok, Private RF's, Private RO's, Cabal, Exteel and Trickster to name a few. Friendster, Multiply, A-town, Facebook. Deviantart. I learned 1337speak and internets speak. Haxxing. Torrented a million gigabytes of games, music and videos.

My life.
Girls. Lots of em passed by. But I now have a girlfriend of a year and half by tonight at midnight. My friend and comrade in RF online, lead guitar of my next band to be, my protector from myself, partner in a new blog ArXy, and dearest love of my life. My Pie.

I finished college September of '08 and graduated summer of this year with a best thesis award. That was literally the first and only academic award I have ever received in my entire life.

In between finishing and graduating, I worked for Harte-Hanks under Telus International. That was the XBOX 360 account, thus my post last December on talking to customers. After XBOX, Windows Live OneCare, killing viruses and spyware.

Been hit by a jeepney once and fell off a motorcycle once.

Other things.
2 rock bands
5 gunpla
60~70+ Transformers (lost count)
1 pet
1 relative left the country
2 friends left the country
3 vices
2 kids (a robot and a tortoise)
4 Magic: The Gathering decks
2 stalkers
3 massive relative vs. relative combat
2 times i grew my hair long
1 house move
2 terrible natural disasters
1 terrible natural disaster that affected me severely
4 failed attempts to get this blog back
1 successful attempt to get this blog back

Just a quick update.

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