Monday, October 26, 2009

Overflagging and Baguio

So I went to Baguio and stayed over the weekend. The trip up took seven hours (ouch) as the conventional routes have been blocked due to safety reasons. The recent Pepeng typhoon caused so much damage to the mountainous regions as Ondoy to NCR. Several roads had only one lane left and some still had two, but were just hanging slabs of concrete as the ground under it eroded.

Baguio city was business as usual. My stops were Pie's house, Cosmopolitan Hotel, SM, and a lot of shops in Session Road. Pie's house. I found out I'm allergic to labradors. What? You mean dogs? Nope. Labradors specifically. Dunno why. I've never been allergic to dogs. Nor have I been up close to a labrador. Those two things changed when I met Moonlit, Pie's labrador who just had eight adorable puppies last week.

It was a long, eventful day, that Saturday. Puppies, food, online games, comics and Magic Cards. It was like Saturday night Magic. We ended up playing until 2am in two-headed giant mode. After that, people got home and I checked back into the hotel. The accomodation came with 2 free breakfasts. Nice. So the following morning was nice XD

I checked out of the hotel at 12 noon, and cooked chicken fillets breaded in pancake batter powder for lunch. Later that Sunday, we went to church. Man, it's been so long since I went to church. Afterwards came the actual 'gala'. We had coffee in three different shops, several cakes, and of course, house specials. Also, I had lots of soup since I've been sniffling badly because of Moonlit.

So, SM Baguio... they have all the gunpla that's sold out here in Manila... Damn.

Anyway, this was a rather short post but took me 2 hours to type. Why? I'm Overflagging. Rather, I'm working on the Overflag.

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