Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Mechapinoy OmniMecha Contest: Apocalypse Now!

2012 Mechapinoy OmniMecha Contest: Apocalypse Now!

Just a tiny bit late this time. Here's the first MechaPinoy in-house for this year. Gear up and survive!

Here it is, folks, the rules for the OmniMecha Contest for 2012. The theme is… Apocalypse Now!
1st Mechapinoy In-house Contest for 2012: Omnimecha: Apocalypse Now!
I. Contest Objective
Build your “Final Battle in the Final War” unit, with all weapons and armor attached.

II. Contest Rules and Regulations
1. Open to Mechapinoy modelers. Bandai Gunpla model kits in ALL SCALES, including SD, are allowed.
2. Full modification of the kit is encouraged. Arm it, paint it, and weather it (weapons and armor add-ons and modifications must be carried/attached to the unit)!
3. No dioramas or vignettes, plain flight stands or undetailed/unpainted Bandai Action Bases are allowed. If you will paint the Action Base, then it must be in a single, solid color – no shading or weathering.
4. Judging will take into account the “feasibility” factor of the unit in battle. Geek talk comes in. Judges’ rulings will be final.

III. Criteria for Judging
1. Basic Assembly Skills (absence of mold lines, flash, inappropriate gaps, proper parts alignment, completeness, absence of excess adhesive marks) — 30%
2. Painting (smooth paint texture unless for obvious reasons, absence of overspray, brush streaks, complete paint coverage, color line separation from masking/brushing/spraying, overall color combination) – 30%
3. Detailing (includes parts modifications, paint detailing like shading and paneling, weathering, proper decal/marking positioning and usage) – 20%
4. Feasibility (Science fiction application: Will it match against the others in battle? Do the armor add-on parts and weaponry serve a hypothetically practical purpose, and can be held or attached without overuse of anime physics? Think about the “world view” of Gunpla Beginner’s G. Is the model impressive? Does it appeal to the audience? Does it look good from all angles and distances (The model may look good from a distance but turns out ugly at close-up)? – 20%

IV. Exact Date and Time for Awarding and Judging
- To be announced, but definitely within the month of July, to make way and give contestants time for the Bankee Nationals, also.

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