Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SD Astray Zero IWSP

This was my entry for 2011's SD Con. That's one kit slashed off of my WIF list.

This is an MSV for the Civilian Astray. I wanted to do the beam cannon, double Gatling shield, and missile launcher, but the kit was just too small to put all that stuff on. Although I did have all the stuff to put on it, when I did attach them by blutac, there was just so many things going on I had to remove them. Aside from that, the scabbards from the IWSP couldn't fit under the armpits of the SD Red Frame, I had to put the swords on one hand. I kinda liked that.

There were indeed a lot of mods on this kit, making it the biggest competitor in the contest. Literally.

[Photo by Fritz]

Mods. The striker pack, Gatling shield and anti-ship swords came from the HG Strike Rouge IWSP kit. The wing shields came from the no grade 1/144 Strikes with the Gatling pieces from the HG Heavyarms Custom. Its casing and the boosters came from pen tops. The thighs were sawed off from the HG Cherudim and the ball joints to attach them were taken from the hips of the HG Freedom. Then Kotobukiya MSGs for detail. Man, that's a lot of parts.

After that, I tilted the wings up at a 45 degree angle, extended the knees, beefed the torso and raised the neck to give it an angrier, more menacing look.

It may not look like it, but this little big guy actually has five colors. Let me enumerate.

Frame parts and shields: JN Green 80% + German Grey 20%
Armor and weapons: German Grey 90% + Flat Black 10%
Chest and feet: Flat Black
Swords, Gatlings, and pistons: Titanium silver
Eyes: Gundam Marker Gold
Other than the eyes, all the above colors are Tamiya acrylics. This was then drybrushed with Titanium Silver and washed with Flat Black enamel.

My, that was a lot of talk. PICS!


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