Monday, March 12, 2012

New Start in the Year of the Apocalypse!

Okay, I've pushed things back way too far this time. But I'm really fixing up this blog this time after so many times I promised to do it. And guess what? I moved AGAIN! Okay, really. This will be the final move. No more URL changing. ZeddGundam is here to stay.

So I've finished a few kits since I last updated. And Pie has since then purchased a Nikkon D3100 which I can use as much as I want, and led to a large amount of photographs from my builds. That's a good start for getting this blog moving again.

I'm joining BAKUC or GBWC or whatever it's called this year. Yes, I'm joining and am going for the New Challengers category. You can only win that gig once, so it's worth a shot.

Time to install Photoshop and start with new graphics. See you in a bit.

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