Monday, March 12, 2012

Mop-up Operations

4:15 PM
Well whadd'ya know, I actually got four of the six kits I put in my wishlist two years ago XD

So I fixed up the labels for easier sorting, and I installed Linkwithin. Which is awesome, btw. Also deleted old posts that are no longer relevant.

4:43 PM
Done fixing broken links and added links to blogroll and links section.

7:17 PM
Took lots of photos for graphics. Installed Photoshop. Made temporary banner. Smells dinner.

8:15 PM
New banner up. New navigation links. Removed some unnecessary things. Updated to new MP logo. Added Proudly Pinoy widget. Some respacing left and right. Hmm, I actually finished one of my WIFs.

So I went to sleep early and my net was messed up this morning and today is Tuesday and the time is-
4:29 PM
Added Tutorial page and moved things around so it's not as cluttered.

4:43 PM
Added Home link and updated the welcome screen from the old URL redirect.
Let me just share this:
A better version of my Lightfinger.

6:58 PM
Got distracted doing laundry. Set up the Hangar section. Made thumbnail banners for WIPs and finished kits. Posted the Exia for hangar content.

It's Wednesday, at 4:05 AM. I'm getting there.

4:15 AM
All the kits are now in the Hangar. I'll just have to upload pics of the Freedom Striker and the Astray Zero. I'll do those later. Enjoy the Yotsuba 404s for now.

Thursday the fifteenth.
7:01 PM
Finally finished watermarking, resizing, post-processing, and uploading photos for all the kits in the Hagar. Lots of photos for the Astray. Pretty long post too. Also removed and reinstalled Linkwithin to remove posts that I've deleted. Apparently doesn't work that way. The Linkwithin widget may still display dead links to deleted posts.

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