Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Freedom Striker

My entry for MechaPinoy's in-house Formula 144 in 2010. Basically kitbashed Freedom's backpack and rail guns with a Strike-E (Strike Noir) and gave it Exia's manipulators and GN sword. It's a little dirty on the pictures because they were taken months after this was built. I took new pictures. I'll have those uploaded later. This was also one of my first kits featured in MechaPinoy's front page.

Paints used were Bosny Flat Black, Bosny Silver, Tamiya Gunmetal and Tamiya Flat White.
My first kit topcoated with Wipe N Shine.


Here's a pic taken by MDGelo during the event. It was still clean then.
I was already at the venue when I realized I didn't pack the sword in the box with it XD

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